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This is Fate Foretold

Armed with the epic power over Fate itself, you have one task: take control of your future before your friends do. Funded initially by an incredibly successful Kickstarter, Fate Foretold is a tarot-inspired strategy card game where players race against one another to take control of the future. Honed and crafted to inspire hours of fun and epic gameplay for you and your friends, Fate Foretold is coming soon to online vendors and stores near you!

Playing the Game

Each copy of Fate Foretold contains a deck of 60 Fate cards, 6 Sigil cards, and the instruction quick-start guide. That’s all you need to play- no pens, no dice, no tokens or note pads: just the deck and some friends! Pledge allegiance to kings, gain a spell from a witch, heed warnings in constellations, and use the power of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse to bring ruin to your enemies and emerge as the victor! You can play Fate Foretold in your kitchen, around a campfire, in your dorm, in a park, at a party, or anywhere else you can imagine.

The best part about Fate Foretold is its endless replayability. Games are shaped as much by the players as the cards themselves, and with each card being unique, no two games will ever be alike!

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The experience of life is as multi-faceted and unique as the innumerable experiences that exist within it. Imagination, above all, defines life, and in turn defines the future. This is the nature of Fate Foretold. Our articles contain the history and lore behind the cards themselves, as well as how to adopt the winning strategies for playing with friends. Discover the story behind the game, and the powers that are at your fingertips.

Wander On

A man from a distant land happens upon a reflecting pool that shows him all the places he's ever gone- and ever will go.

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The Triumph of Tempo

Fate Foretold is more than the sum of its rules. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you master the game- fast!

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The Tale of Endings

A farmer recounts the sighting of four strange horses that wander through his town at dusk each night.

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The classic game, plus various limited-edition promos and Fate Foretold accessories.

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